Alongside her horse Rio, LaRae shot this buck @ 31 yards.

Evan shot his buck @ 45 yards.

Harry took this buck in a downpour @ 30 yards.  He scored

79 6/8"

A buck that scores 67" makes Pope & Young.  If you ask us though, they're all trophies.  From LaRae's little buck to Clint and Rick's freaks to Harry's monster, they have all been great hunts with great stories.

These are just some of the hunts our family guided.  Rick started this before he had a camera and unfortunately only has memories, not pictures, of some of the greatest moments.

Aspen got Phil in on this buck @ 42 yards.

Aspen guided Robert on this hunt. Shot him @ 40 yards. 

Phil took this buck on a windy day @ 20 yards.

This was Phil's first antelope @ 45 yards.

Aspen shot her buck @ 30 yards. It scored 69.

Rick's freak

This is Clint's freak.  He chose this buck over 2 other Pope & Young bucks with stalking range.

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