The longer shots are typically crossbow

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We live and hunt in beautiful western South Dakota and have been in this area over 8 generations.  We are passionate about what we do and know the area well.  We are bowhunters ourselves and know what it is going to take for you to be successful in harvesting an antelope and will share that knowledge with you when you call and book a hunt.  We offer three day guided archery antelope hunts for $3000.  This fee includes lodging and all meals.  Airport transportation is an additional $200.  Non-hunting guests are welcome for $150 per day per additional guest.  We require 50% down (non-refundable) at booking and fees paid in full before the start of the hunt.  Archery licenses are a guarantee.

We hunt private land only. That means we have access to about 117 square miles of PRIVATE property.  This is about 80,000 acres and equivalent to 3 townships, or roughly a 10x12 mile area.  We have a 100% shot rate.  This means 100% of the hunters we take out get a shot at an antelope.  This DOES NOT guarantee a successful harvest, that is dependent upon the hunter.  We also limit the number of hunts we offer every year.  We monitor herds and only book as many hunts as we feel is responsible wildlife management.  Weather plays a key role in herd health and we consider this.​

Other things to consider.  We have a set of personal rules we ask every hunter to abide by.  It's our 40/40/fixed rule.  We require a 40 pound draw weight, marksmanship to 40 yards, and the use of fixed broadheads ONLY.  We had to create these rules after incidents in the field, both for the success of the hunter and the humane harvesting of the animal.  While we stress confident shots to 40 yards, we encourage hunters to practice out to 50 yards in case that is the comfort zone on a particular buck (usually the bigger bucks) and it also gives the hunter more confidence in the field.  The broadhead rule is a big one for us.  We have had hunters lose their antelope because the mechanical ones tend not to open on impact with an antelope.  We are happy to discuss this further if you have questions.  The guides will walk you through a typical hunt beforehand so you know what to expect.  Upon booking a hunt, a letter is sent to the hunter and will include the date, fees, and requirements along with a gear list.

​We look forward to helping you harvest a beautiful antelope!  You won't find another hunt like it!

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2021 Hunting Report

                                              No two seasons are ever the same!! Here comes a quick recap of all of our highlights....

*Covid wreaked havoc with us this year.  Right out of the gate Mom (Deb) got sick and that left us scrambling to find lodging and eating all our meals at the diner (great place to eat though!)  Dad (Rick) was down for a couple hunts, and I finished the season in bed with it and missed the last hunt

*Hunter was able to come out with us to fill in a gap (missed having him along)

*We had to sit and wait on the fog to lift most of one morning

*One of the wildest hunts we ever had ended with gutting the goat by headlamps, which we had never done before, and laughing hysterically from exhaustion and absolute joy

*We spent one whole day scouting and sightseeing with a longtime hunter/friend 

*2 times we ended up keeping track of a wounded antelope on horseback (these animals are tough, even after a solid hit) DO NOT read this to mean we chase the goats to the hunter or chase them to exhaustion for an easy kill.  We do all we can to ethically harvest the animal and don't like to risk losing them in unleased areas or state ground where we cannot guide when they are still able to outwalk/run us on foot (please contact me if you need further clarification)

*We got within 50 yards of a coyote without realizing it (maybe starting a side gig of coyote hunting with horses??? NO! But it sure was fun to be that close and not have him spook!)

*Hunted a goat before lunch, went back to the trailer for lunch, decided to try him again after lunch, and got him!

*Had 2 teams of guides out at the same time - Aspen and I (LaRae), and Lonnie and his new wife, Kristy

*We had another crossbow hunter in

*An archery deer hunter actually got 100 yards on the opposite side of a goat we were hunting because he was hunting the deer near the antelope...that was strange and all we could do was scratch our heads

*Several old friends came back and hunted with us and as always we made several more - what a life!!

*In the middle of the season we had to say goodbye to Rio.  He was the first one Dad hunted with and I was blessed to be the last one and all of us hunted with him over the years.  He is a legend...

There are so many great memories for each of us with each hunt.  A little competition, a little rivalry, some challenges, some GREAT laughs, unforgettable moments, triumph and disappointment, and plenty of "never have I ever..." conversations.  There is just something about  sharing a hunt...


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20-24 yards
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