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Three Arrows Outfitters

Rick's credentials

Rick has extensive knowledge of this type of antelope hunt.  He has been seen in magazines and on TV hunting antelope the way he discovered works best.  He has hunted with:

Three Arrows Outfitters stands for three generations of hunting antelope the way Rick developed and knows best.  This is Rick, LaRae and Aspen with her first antelope.  Yes, it was with a  rifle, and Rio was there.  We don't offer rifle antelope hunts with our horses.

* South Dakota Pronghorn: Bow Hunting Behind Horses

* 6 legged Horse Kills Antelope

* Using Horses to Hunt Antelope

* Archery Antelope Hunt with Horses (part 01)

* Archery Antelope Hunt with Horses (part02)

* The Ford Outfitters: "Trogan Horse" Antelope

* Season 3- "Trojan Horse" Antelope (Ep. 8)

Three Arrows Outfitters was born out of a love of the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.  Rick spent many years trying to harvest an antelope with his bow.  Countless hours at waterholes, using a decoy, and unsuccessful stalks were frustrating.  One fall while he was gathering cows he noticed the antelope were comfortable among the herd of brood mares.  That got him thinking.  He could get closest to the antelope when he was with a horse.  He spent many seasons perfecting the stalk alongside Rio, LaRae's horse. For over 20 years Rick and Rio have guided countless hunts for friends, magazines, and television.  

All three have enjoyed guiding and hunting this unique species and sharing their love of the hunt.  We won't go into more detail because it's a hunt that needs to be experienced.  Can't wait to share the experience with you.